A really big congrats to Mirko E. Minniti, who won the Joachim Ziegenhorn Award for the Best Poster Presentation at the 40th European Lipoprotein Club (ELC) Meeting, which was held 4-7 September 2017 in Tutzing, Germany.

Mirko presented part of the research work from the Working Package 4 lead by Prof. Paolo Parini:

Between donor-specificity and new insights on human physiology: lessons from liver-humanized mice

Mirko E. Minniti1, Matteo Pedrelli1, 2, Lise-Lotte Vedin1, Katariina Öörni3, Elizabeth M. Wilson4, Paolo Parini1, 5

1 Division of Clinical Chemistry, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden), 2 Molecular Nutrition Unit, Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden), 3 Wihuri Research Institute (Helsinki, Finland), 4 Yecuris Corporation (Portland, USA) and 5 Metabolism Unit, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden)