Half way into the HUMAN project and lots of interesting results have emerged from within our consortium. Please see below for a list of publications from the HUMAN consortium.

  • Michiel Sala, Lucia JM Kroft, Boudewijn Röell, Jeroen van der Grond, P Eline Slagboom, Simon P Mooijaart, Albert de Roos, Diana van Heemst. Association of liver biochemical test parameters and computed tomography markers of liver steatosis with healthy familial longevity. PLoS One 2014 Mar 14;9(3):e91085.
  • Abimbola A Akintola, Annette van den Berg, Mark A van Buchem, Steffy W Jansen, P Eline Slagboom, Rudi G Westendorp, Jeroen van der Grond, Diana van Heemst. Associations between insulin action and integrity of brain microstructure differ with familial longevity and with age. Front Aging Neurosci. 2015 May 28;7:92.
  • Gentilini D, Garagnani P, Pisoni S, Bacalini MG, Calzari L, Mari D, Vitale G, Franceschi C, Di Blasio AM. Stochastic epigenetic mutations (DNA methylation) increase exponentially in human aging and correlate with X chromosome inactivation skewing in females. Aging (Albany NY). 2015 Aug;7(8):568-78.
  • Abimbola A Akintola, Raymond Noordam, Steffy W Jansen, Anton JM de Craen, Bart E Ballieux, Christa M Cobbaert, Simon P Mooijaart, Hanno Pijl, Rudi GJ Westendorp, Diana van Heemst. Accuracy of continuous glucose monitoring measurements in normo-glycemic individuals. PLos One 2015 Oct 7;10(10):e0139973.
  • Bellessort B, Le Cardinal M, Bachelot A, Narboux-Name N, Garagnani P, Pirazzini C, Barbieri O, Mastracci L, Jonchere V, Duvernois-Berthet E, Fontaine A, Alfama G, Levi G. Dlx5 and Dlx6 control uterine adenogenesis during post-natalmaturation: possible consequences for endometriosis. Hum MolGenet. 2016 Jan 1;25(1):97-108. doi: 10.1093/hmg/ddv452.
  • Sabrina van der Kroef, Raymond Noordam, Joris Deelen, Abimbola A Akintola, Steffy W Jansen, Iris Postmus, Carolien A Wijsman, Marian Beekman, Simon P Mooijaart, P Eline Slagboom, Diana van Heemst. Association between the rs7903146 polymorphism in the TCF7L2 gene and parameters derived with Continuous Glucose Monitoring in individuals without diabetes. PLos One 2016 Feb 25;11(2):e0149992.

List is being continuously updated…